3 Tips For Soccer Training That Works

All soccer training is not equal.  Just because you get your ball and hit the field doesn’t mean you’ll automatically become a superstar.  Make sure you are getting the best out of your time on the ball.

Here are 3 tips for soccer training that works:

  1. Break a sweat – make sure that you are putting in the effort.  If you go to the field and don’t put in the effort, you won’t get the results you want.  Spending time with the ball is great, yes, any time counts, but try each time to break a sweat.  This means getting up to speed and doing moves like you would in the game.  You might be really good doing the move slow.  But can you do it in the game at full speed?
  2. Learn the steps – Before you ever add your own flare and personality to the move try and learn the key steps.  Start out first by following along and practicing each step of the move.  Having the proper technique and understanding of the move is important.  After you’ve got it down and can do it fast, then add your personality to it.  Get the details – then make it yours!
  3. Do it more than once! – Don’t be one and done.  If you start a move, finish it.  Practice more than one day.  Pick a move to practice and practice it for a few weeks or a few months.  Spend time each practice perfecting the move.  The more you practice the move the better it will be.

Try these tips to help you train better.  These 3 tips will help you every time you hit the field.

Remember, it’s up to you to make it happen so get your ball and get outside.

Dream Big and get your shoes dirty!

Coach Kyle

You Can WIN Your New Years Resolution! Here’s HOW

You Can WIN Your New Years Resolution!  Here’s HOW.

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolution.  With the start of a new year, there is no better time to look forward into your future and make big plans.  It’s a new beginning to a new year, a fresh start.

Like most people you’ll get all excited and think about all the weight you’re going to lose, the great parent you’re going to be, the big money you’re going to make with your new business idea, and all the other amazing things you want to do.  It’s exciting to dream about a better future.  It’s fun to look forward into all the wonderful things you can do with your life and then resolve to make them happen.

Unfortunately, like most people – you will fail!  This may sound harsh, but the odds are against you.  It’s commonly said that over 92% of New Year’s Resolutions fail!

So why do so many people fail in their quest for a better life?

The #1 reason people fail in their New Year’s Resolution has to do with this one thing: Insanity!

Everyone’s probably heard someone say, “people are crazy!”  Well, when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions – they might very well be.

Here’s why –

A New Year’s Resolution is a safe way of asking for a CHANGE in your life.  The safety comes in the fact that “everyone is doing it” and the common knowledge that very few people actually follow through.  This gives you an easy out when the going gets tough and you quit.  Let’s face it – a New Year’s Resolution is often wishy-washy.  But why is this so insane?

It’s insane because you probably really want these changes.  You probably really want to drop the weight or get in better shape but use this half hearted gesture to test the water.  But this testing of the water is actually more damaging than you might realize – it sets a standard of failure for future efforts to making major changes in your life.

The urban definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Let me repeat that – it is absolutely insane to think that you can do the same thing you did last year and the year before that, and expect a different result.

You are exactly where you are because of what you have done and what you do now each and every day!

And your kid is exactly where he/she is because of all they do and don’t do everyday.  It’s hard sometimes, but most often your kid is a direct reflection of you.  They will follow your lead!

You say you want to lose weight but still hit that fast food drive thru.  You say you want to spend more time helping your kids but plop down in front of the tv.  You say you want your kid to do more soccer practices and soccer skills in your back yard but don’t go outside with them.  You say you want more and better but constantly come up short.

CHANGE is hard and cannot be taken lightly.  We want the big result and often skip straight to envisioning that result in our head – setting goals and dream, even writing them down.  But too often we stop our goal planning short when only defining the result.  If you stop there – you are doomed.

This is where the failure lies.  We start out with a few changes and want the instant result that we wrote down.  Then life hits you and things get hard.  It doesn’t come fast and your realize you’ve got a lot of work to do.  That workout that is required in order for you to get the weight loss you want is skipped because you’re sore or don’t have time.  Too often we begin to skip the daily tasks of working towards our goals and dreams and the change we wanted is forfeited.  The failure to win on a daily basis corrodes our ability to change.  Remember that little actions done with consistency count big!

If you want Big change there is a solution – and that solution is in your habits.  If you want big change you’ve got to keep drilling down in your goal planning until you reach daily activities – daily to do’s that you can stick with and be disciplined in.  Start with the result that you want (your New Year’s Resolution) then ask a very simple question, “What will it take to make that happen?”

Start with your Big goal and then get smaller from there.  Keep working on your plan and set a 1 month goal, then a weekly goal, then a daily goal.  These daily goals become the tasks that you MUST do each and every day.

As long as your plan is good – once you can successfully accomplish each daily goal then you will get the results you want.  Keep doing it over and over again until success on a daily level is a habit.  When your daily goals become HABITS you will succeed.  And know that it’s ok if you need help!  Don’t be afraid to seek out resources to help you succeed.  Teamwork makes the dream work- I know you’ve heard that one before.  You don’t have to go it alone!

You can succeed in your New Year’s Resolution but you need to arm yourself with better tools than you had last year.  Avoid the trap of repeating the same mistakes and shortcomings from the past.  Don’t go into the New Year with the failures of last year – decide to learn from them and leave them behind.

Decide that this year is going to be your year and then reach out to live your biggest goals and dreams.

Dream Big and get your shoes dirty!

Happy New Years!

Soccer Training – Strategy, Drills, and Skills

Soccer Training – Strategy, Drills, and Skills in USA

Is there a magic formula to soccer training? Is there a strategy with specific skills and drills that is better than others? How is it that some clubs, teams, and/or coaches always seem to end up with winning teams.

Instead of a long in-depth study of what IF there is a magic formula, let’s just ruin the surprise and say – Yes! Absolutely there is. There IS a better soccer strategy to training soccer players in order to produce winning teams.

This magic formula, although simplistic in form, has many complicated and detailed parts. It is easy to grasp yet elusive sometimes in execution. Like any team there are compilations – mainly young people! So as you look at this formula and say, “What the heck, that’s exactly what I am doing!” don’t get frustrated. Know that along the way there will be difficulties and setbacks, but that your success depends on being consistently committed to the process.

So what is the trick? What is the right approach to soccer training?

Formula For Successful Soccer Training
Have a PLAN
Knowledge and Skills

Have a PLAN – People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. Before you ever begin you must start with an End Result in Mind – Set a goal to accomplish. Spend a little time to determine for your team: what you’ve accomplished in the past, where you are now, and where you want to be at the end of the year. Use the technique of S.M.A.R.T. goal setting (google it). Build your plan from your Dreams to Daily goals, and then make a habit out of working towards those goals. When your daily goals become your habits, you will get the results you want.
Ownership – you must sell! You must sell each and every practice that those dreams and goals that your team set, that they are possible. Sell to each player that if the team is going to win that it is up to the players to make it happen. It is up to them to do the work necessary to succeed. It won’t happen on accident. I won’t happen magically in the middle of the night. Hard work works! And they have to be sold to go do the hard work. The players have to be told and sold to do MORE than what is asked. They have to be led and inspired to get out and take the extra time to go above and beyond. Fill them with passion to train and become better. The desire to win is useless without the desire to prepare. They must own their preparation. The reward of the game goes to the one who has earned it most before that game is ever played.
Knowledge and Skills – Coaches this is on you! You must be able to teach and demonstrate the skills necessary in order for the player to succeed. It’s not what they know that will hurt them. It’s what they don’t know that will hold them back. Give the players the knowledge and skills so that they can win. You must set them up for success. If you don’t know soccer skills – learn it! R&D – rip off and duplicate! Use a program with skills video tutorials that show you how to do it, research great coaches, get a book on it, study tactics. Do what it takes so that you have the tool box necessary to do your job so they can do theirs.
Time – Commit! Be dedicated and never quit. Stay on your path to success and be relentless in your pursuit of winning. Be unreasonable and determined. Don’t be distracted by the setbacks or the opinions of others. Stay focused on your mission to train. Remember that the only place that Reward comes before Work is in the dictionary. Get focused on the work you have to do and put in the time – each and everyday. There are 1440 minutes everyday – find time and make it count. No shortcuts, no skipped workouts, no missed training… sell, sell, sell. Take the time, do the work!
Results – “Every Result that you desire is preceded by a process that is required to produce that result. When you commit to that process and commit to it for an extended period of time the result takes care of itself.”

Now you might say to yourself that the above is all well and good and that it can be set in motion, but give me more!

This practice plan represents a better soccer strategy in USA for youth players.
OK, here ya go.

Formula For Successful Soccer Training On the Field

Sample Practice Process – 90 minutes Team Training:

***When players show up to practice they Immediately begin with the ball, no exceptions – 10 minutes – Rondo (1 touch only), keep away, monkey in the middle, etc.
5 minutes – Mental practice prep as a team – sell, question, challenge, sell! Talk to them.
15-20 minutes – Everyone has a ball, ball skills, efficiency training must include physical component, passive pressure and limited direct pressure only. NO waiting in lines.
15-20 minutes – Topic. Small side direct pressure 3 or 4 at most. Everyone is engaged and involved. Multiple games or lanes at once, limited to no lines.
10-15 minutes – Phase play. Make this tactical functional. Work through patterns. Limit patterns to 2-3 per week. My opinion 4:1 attacking to defending.
20-30 minutes – Play. Everyone plays up to 11v11. Or 3 teams with one rotating in. No subs! Coach on point with your topic. Limited stopping, let them play – only stop play 3 times. Coach individual players within the scrimmage.

Professional soccer coaching for kids in USA

Professional soccer coaching for kids in USA

Thirty years ago if you were to say that your kid had a “professional” soccer coach people would look at you like you were crazy. Now, almost every major club has professional soccer coaching for kids.

Professional soccer coaches in the USA exist in 2 categories:
The first (and the best) is the coach who is a true professional. This is the coach that has played at a high level and now coaches. This coach is professionally licensed coach with their state organization and US Soccer (nationally) or NSCAA. They will also most likely have some higher level of coaching whether that be collegiate, professional, or with youth national teams. This coach gives the kids great knowledge and skills, and an environment similar to training with the best clubs in the world.
The second category of a “professional” coach is one who makes a profession of coaching. As soccer has grown in the US, so have the fees that youth soccer players pay. Youth soccer is big business. Coaches in bigger cities often have opportunities for equally big paychecks for coaching a team. Multiply that by 2 or 3 teams and you can make a good living. And why not? Doing what you love and working when the kids are available after school and on weekends. And honestly, when you love it – it feels like you’re not even really doing any work.

Professional soccer coaching for kids in the USA has really taken form. Clubs run multi-million dollar enterprises and the expectations are high. Results are expected. Additionally, many of the bigger youth clubs have reached out to professional European clubs to partner and bolster there name here in the states.
The good new about all this is that the quality of the information is improving. This is a huge transformation from when the current generation of parents were playing soccer as kids. Getting a good coach was rare. Everyone played Rec soccer, but having a paid coach was not the norm. The average team had coach dad running practices and calling time-out from the sideline (there are no time-outs in soccer! oy vey!). Plus, add to that the access to information and training courses online and with smart phones – these kids have such a bigger opportunity that ever before. It’s all there in front of them. All they have to do is open that door of opportunity and walk through it.

Soccer Scholarship Applications

Soccer Scholarship Applications in USA

It’s every parent’s dream… a college scholarship. And for soccer, especially girls soccer, it is a very real possibility. This awesome opportunity happens year after year. College coaches go out searching for their next class of players to bring in. And every year these same college coaches receive tons and tons of soccer scholarship applications.

Many college soccer programs have an application, a standard form for you to fill out with all your information. So what do you need to do with your college soccer application? Honestly, not much.

This application is a good place to start but that’s about it. It is an organizational tool for that coach to be able to categorize your information. Please know that you must be able to put good information in. But also know that the information is just a starting point.

What you do after the initial application is much more important. So, go online and fill out their standard form to give that coach what she/he needs including all up-to-date contact info. Make sure and include good contact info for your current coach. Just fill it out and turn it in! The real work starts after that…