Winning at Soccer

Winning at Soccer


You’ve been mislead! And you may also be misleading those you love…

Winning is not a result.

Winning is not a destination.

It is not something that happens to you.

Winning is a Process. Winning is a set of events that you Earn on a daily basis.

Yes, yes I know that what about if I win my soccer game on Saturday. Yep – you won. But your team record might be 1 win and 12 losses! And although you might have won that 1 game, you are not winning…

Winning happens Daily!

It is the grind of what you do each and every day… so you’d better be real aware of what your day looks like. It is the consistent work and training. It is following a system or a training program. You must purchase each win with work, sweat, and massive amounts of action.

Are you setting up a winning day, or is it just another average day of your routine?

Were you a Champion today – did you challenge yourself to be exceptional? Did you work the workout program? Training programs exist to help you earn your greatness! Were you great today?

Winning is a way of life! It is a lifestyle of constantly pushing yourself to be great, constantly working to go above and beyond.

Winning isn’t temporary – it’s ALL the days of your life. So ask yourself Today:

What did my TODAY look like?


Soccer waits for No one

Soccer waits for No one


How fast did last week go by?

It will all go by in a blink of an eye and will be wasted as an unfulfilled yesterday if you aren’t careful.

Be great today!

Don’t wait for someone to come and invite you to be your best. You are the result of your choices. Choose to be a Champion!

Choose to be great… NOW!

Start right here, right now. Say to yourself, “Tomorrow I will chase my dreams!”

One of my favorite things to tell my players is:

No one will give you your dreams, except for you.
AND No one can take them away… except for you!

Tell yourself that when you wake up in the morning you will wake up with purpose, excitement, and energy. Your body will listen! Wake up and work on your dreams and goals.

Dream – Believe – Achieve

Go get to work… Do your homework!

Dream Big and get your shoes dirty!

coach Kyle

Winning in Soccer

Do you know how to win? Does your kid?  Winning in Soccer is easy, but elusive.

Winning consistently requires following a very specific process that allows you to win. You must set yourself up for success daily!

Too often – and in my case for far too many years – we believe that winning is something that happens to us. Like winning the lottery. Just buy a ticket and wait.

Well, unfortunately this does NOT work!

Not in sports – and not in life.

In order to win you must work. This is a logical thing for most of us but sometimes gets forgotten. And it might not be so logical for your kids if they are not told it and constantly reminded of it.

Take a minute tonight to explain to your kids that reward comes after work. That if you want something – there are specific steps you MUST take in order to get it. Winning will not be given to you.

Step 1: Set a plan
Step 2: Gain knowledge and skills required to win
Step 3: Work for it every day

This is a good starter for them to make sure they are not living with you when they’re 30 years old…. ??

Being great requires you to first try!

All the best,
coach Kyle

Soccer League Season is Starting

Soccer League Season games are right around the corner! Some of you may have already started…

It’s TEST time! Are you going to pass the test? Did you prepare? Did you do your homework?

Let’s be honest – if our kids made a bad test grade, we would wonder why. If we found out is was because they didn’t study and didn’t do any of their homework it would all make perfect sense to us. No homework = bad grades.

So for soccer…

Are you doing your Soccer Homework?

All of the videos are now FREE! Click the link to learn the moves and do your Soccer Homework!

You have to earn your right to win!

Pay Attention: AIE

Soccer Homework

Attitude is Everything!


Pay attention to your attitude today!


Remember that your day is the outcome of how you approach AND solve life’s obstacles. Set yourself up for success each and every day. Doing the work consistently will make the big problems seem easy.

Attitude is Everything!