Soccer lessons for life: Expectations

One of my favorite things about soccer is all the lessons you can learn. There are so many great things like team work, goal setting, hard work, etc. that you can take away from the game. These lessons are great life lessons that can help you your entire life.

One sneaky life lesson that we all could use a good refresher on is about Expectations. I think expectations are an important key to success and something that our kids desperately need now more than ever. Expectations are more than just wanting something, wishing, or feeling you “deserve” or are “entitled” to it (which is a very scary and real trend with lots of kids these days). Expectations go further to force you to think.

If I said, “do you want to be a great player?” Or, “do you want to be successful?” It would be easy to hear back a “Yes” response. Saying what you want is easy and a good leading question like that doesn’t require a lot of thinking. But if you follow that with the question, “Do you EXPECT to be successful?” that takes on a whole different thought process. Or at least it should…

This might not seem very clear at first but let me explain. Your expectations to achieve something must mean that you thought through cause and effect. Just think about it for a second. I am not talking about what you want. I am not talking about what you would wish for. I am talking about making this real for the kids by asking powerful questions like – Why?

Please understand exactly what expectations are. The definition of expectation is basically a strong belief that something is going to happen. But this belief must be grounded in reality. Why would you expect to be a great player? Especially if you have done nothing. Expectations are not wishes or fantasy.

They are a real life evaluation of your actions – a projection of simple cause and effect. Expectations should force you to project into the future and determine a result you want, plan a course to get there, and then start immediately today to earn that result.

True expectations can only come from evaluating your actions.

So, based on what you are doing today AND what you did yesterday – what results do you expect for tomorrow?

I believe we need to change the way we think and start making things real for our kids. Stop asking them what they want and start helping them to understand what to expect.

Becoming great

Pick one: Becoming great. or Becoming great?

In your life, is this a description or a question…

Ok it’s gotta be said. Mbappe took the show, dazzling and fascinating the world at the World Cup. And yep – he’s only 19 years old.

Close your eyes and dream. Simply imagine the possibilities. If he can, you can too…

That is the beauty of life and this wonderful game. You can create yourself in it, no matter your age, your height, where your start, or where you came from. Whether young or old, you can excel and find success. One of my favorite quotes hits on How to achieve this success,

“Every result that you desire is preceded by a process that is required to produce that result. When you define that process and commit to it for an extended period of time, the result takes care of itself.”

Young stars don’t shine by accident. (You won’t either.) Somewhere along the way they have dedicated themselves to spending time learning, practicing, working, and improving. They have committed to becoming great.

What are you committed to becoming great at?!?

Are you a “TODAY Soccer Player” or a “2 Day Soccer Player”?

Are you a “TODAY Soccer Player” or a “2 Day Soccer Player”?

Ok so to explain what I mean let me go straight to some definitions:

“2 Day Player” = This is a player that has normal team practice 2 times per week. They go to practice just like everyone else (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, etc.) and do little other soccer during the week. And on the weekend game, they play just as average as every other 2 day player out there.

“TODAY Soccer Player” = This is a player that trains today. And when tomorrow becomes today – they train. These are the players that do a little every day in order to become great. Remember that many times success is simply consistent action over time. These are normally the players that stand out, score goals, get massive amounts of playing time, and truly impact the game.

So which one are you? Decide to be the TODAY Players. Don’t do life part time. 2 days a week just won’t get you to that big dream. Instead – crush life and do it today.

World Cup 2018 sets record for own goals and penalty kicks!

World Cup 2018 sets record for own goals and penalty kicks, and an own goal pushes Belgium through to send Brazil home. More great news for kids! What? More good news?! Yep!

Calling ALL defenders!!!

Follow me here for a minute, it’s not gonna be hard to get there. Record number of own goals… defending? Record number of penalty kicks awarded… defending? Parents plant that seed and start watering – the world is in need of some great defenders!

Yeah, yeah I know it’s a fast game and blah blah blah… the Brazil own goal today off the corner kick was unlucky and happened so fast… Wrong, wrong, WRONG! The own goal happened for one simple reason – the Belgium player made a great run getting a ball side position and gets the first touch, slightly deflecting it and the rest is history. And so is Brazil, as they’ve now gotta catch their bus to the airport and miss their chance at glory. Nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey… you know the rest.

Principles people! So here is it: Kids – I know you’re told to defend goal side, but not on corner kicks. The principle is very simple in your goal box – the other team cannot have the ball. On corners you must be ball side. You must be first to the ball!

Calling all defenders! Let the dream live. Start imagining the wonderful possibility now and get to work! Learn proper defending by studying and working hard. Seek out the info – learn and earn your way to being that hero defender – the world needs you!

US doesn’t make it and Big Name Teams Exit The World Cup early

US doesn’t make it and Big Name Teams Exit The World Cup early

With the US not even making the World Cup this year and many big name teams exiting early, what’s the lesson for kids?

Plain and simple – there’s room for you!

Remember when we were kids and would dream of being a professional athlete, taking those last minute shots, and winning the game for our teams?  Wasn’t that the best!

Well with the all the big name teams exiting the World Cup prior to the quarterfinals and the US not even making the tournament I say simply – Keep that dream alive!  The US needs a new field of talented and committed players that don’t deserve to be there.  They need players that have earned their opportunity to be there!

That’s where you come in.  Start you journey now and know that nothing will be given to you just because you’re go the red, white, and blue.  Get your ball and get outside to earn your skills.  Earn your speed.  Earn you way to the top.  We need you… desperately!

Take your ball and get outside.  Jump on and check out our free training to get you started with some new soccer skill moves and more.