4 Tips to Making your Priorities Count

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What are your priorities? Do they line up with who you want to be – what you want to do, accomplish, learn, and have? Although this seems like a simple exercise of just writing down our desires, defining your true priorities is not always as simple as it appears. If you want real impact in your life it will be important to make your priorities count.

Priorities are difficult because, just like expectations, they can be discovered in real time.

“Action expresses priorities.” – Gandhi.

The problem with this is when our actions don’t match up with what we have decided are priorities in our life. Say for example, you have decided that your health is a priority – something we all should do – but turn around and eat fast food and junk food multiple times during the week out of convenience. See your actions are showing that convenience is the priority and your health is not. So how do we set priorities and make them count?

Here are 4 tips to defining your priorities and making them count:

1. Make sure you are being honest with yourself. Evaluate your current actions. Look at what you are doing – yes! what you are actually doing and logically define where that will get you. Having a realistic approach to defining your priorities will help give you a starting point and help determine some changes you may need to make.

2. Find your passion. What do you love to do? What are you passionate about? It is so much easier to do what you love. Spend a little time to write down the things you love. These are the things that drive you. They are the things that get you out of the bed in the morning. Make your passions your priorities, you will find that it is very easy to be disciplined in them.

3. Willing to work? Ok let’s play with this one a little… If you want it to work – you’ve got to be willing to work! Do you love it? I hope so! Ok I know it’s a little cheesy, but seriously. If you’re gonna set something as a priority you’ve gotta be willing to earn it. You’ve gotta be willing to trade sweat, time, money, and a whole bunch of other stuff for it.

4. Be disciplined. This is final part of priorities. You’ve gotta stay disciplined. It is the most important part about making your priorities count.

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