7 Soccer Practice Tips

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Parents, want your kid to do better in soccer?  Do you need a cure for average?  Then get your kid outside with a ball and get your homework done.  Here are a few Soccer Practice Tips:

  1. Show up!  Sometimes the hardest thing is to just show up.  By showing up to train you give yourself a chance.  The player that never shows up to training fails before even starting.  Showing up is the first most important thing.  No matter if you’re tired, sore, worn out, not feeling it – you’ve still gotta show up.  Winning doesn’t care about your excuses.  It just knows if you showed up.
  2. Quality over quantity.  Short but sweet is better than long and lazy.  Practicing the wrong thing for a very long time could be devastating.  Make sure that you are practicing the right things.  And practice them well.  Discovery is good but can sometimes be a long process.  When starting out begin with the basics.  Follow a program that gives you good quality steps that are easy to follow.  Training efficiently at first will be great.  Focus on quality.
  3. Intensity.  Each and every training session try to work your way up to a very high level of effort and speed.  Start slow but make sure you are progressing.  By the end of the training you want to be at game speed.
  4. Stretch yourself.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Push yourself with a new move.  Each time you go out learn something new.  Even if you go out to try the move and fail, you will still be learning.  Sometimes failing is the best lesson of all.  And it’s a great motivator.
  5. Imagination.  Use your imagination.  It doesn’t have to be super serious.  Kids are amazingly creative.  Put that creativity to good use.  Got and invisible friend?
  6. Invite a Friend.  Don’t always go it alone.  Call a friend and have them join you in the backyard or at the park.  This one trick alone will change the dynamic of extra soccer practice more than you could ever imagine.
  7. Have Fun!  Yes that’s right – training can and should be fun.  Make little games, get creative, and reward yourself.  The more fun it is the more likely you will be to go back out the next time.  Fun is good!  It’s a game right, it’s suppose to be fun.

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