A little bit of Soccer Practice effort…

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A little bit of Soccer Practice effort…

A little bit of Soccer Practice effort will go a long way!

It’s a little twist to a common saying – but why not?  Why don’t we stick “soccer pracitce” in there and help us understand that in order to fight against average we must do more than just average.

It’s simple really if you think about it.  And it is universal to everyone involved – from players, to coaches, to parents, refs and more… everyone.  You can really add any words in there to make it work for you.  For our kids and student athletes that means helping them see how this can work for them in sports and also with school.

One of the best things we can teach our kids is to succeed and succeed big.  This means going beyond average.  This means trying and putting in the effort… beyond average.  And it all starts with doing just a little extra each day.

The little bit of soccer practice effort comes before practice.  Get there a little early and do some extra juggling or get a run in ahead of time.  Know that every little bit of extra effort will pay off.  And teach it to your kids, they need to know it!!!

The little bit of soccer practice effort comes during practice.  Players getting in those extra touches on the ball, the extra shots.  Just a little bit extra.  And for you coaches, the little extra effort you put in to build a great practice.  Not just winging it, but a great training session for the kids.  The little extra effort to study and steal (oops I mean borrow, haha!) other people’s great practices.  Make the extra effort and then ask for it from your team.

And, yes of course, the little bit of soccer practice effort comes after practice also.  It might be taking the time for a better cool down and stretch to prevent injury.  It might be pushups and sit-ups before bed.  It might be doing a little research about your position or watching a game.  No matter what it is – it’s the effort that is important.  And that effort will become what propels you to the reward.

In order to go beyond average and win – we’ve gotta get the idea to do more.  And we have to start to believe in and sell the idea that it’s not these big impossible things, but rather just a little bit of extra effort done day in and day out in everything we do.  And all that little bit of effort will go a long way.

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