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The greatest lesson in sports is NOT that the talented become Champions, BUT RATHER that the Courageous can discover the Process to Winning!

Are you ready to Win?!


Winning Requires WORK

Winning Requires LEARNING


Powerful Questions get Powerful Answers


  • Do you Want to Win?
  • Are you equipped with the KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS you need to succeed?   
  •  Are you making the effort or just coasting?
  • Are you willing to Do What it takes to Win

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Learning Opportunities

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Soccer Homework Premium

Online Soccer Lessons for Players, Coaches, and Parents


FREE Soccer Skill Videos

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Ball Skill Videos

One of the best things you can do as a player is accept Responsibility for the Ball.  This means you must own your skills.  Own the ball and you will own the game.

Player Lessons

This isn’t reading a novel yall! It’s Short, Easy to Digest info that is essential to understand the game and performing at your best.

Coach and Parent Info

You’re the difference maker.  You’re the guide.  You point them in the right direction.  Blind leading the blind is bad. Know the Game.

Study at Your Own Pace

Take Ownership of YOUR GAME

  • Instant Online Access
  • Quick and Easy Lessons
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Short, Manageable Parts
  • Essential Knowledge

PREMIUM Learning Topics:

Quick lessons that are easy to read and understand.  New Topics added regularly and ALL are included in this one easy program:

Why Soccer Homework?

Put an expert on your team.

Benefits of Our Learning Program
Know What to Do on the Field, and Off...

The best soccer players are Smart soccer players. They know WHAT to do and WHEN to do it. It's not like crawling or walking. This is LEARNED. And this is Practiced.
Speaking of TRAINING... we've got some ideas for you...

Know How to Play Your Position

There are key points and requirements for every position. Wanna frustrate your coach? Famous last words, "I didn't know what I was suppose to do." Put Soccer Homework on your team and Learn how it's done.

The Skills Necessary to Play

The Skills pays the bills! Our step-by-step video lessons SHOW exactly how to do moves, tricks, and simple drills to improve your ball handling so that you can be capable and excel.



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players coached
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“...really showed me how to be versatile”
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“... all the technique and skills and knowledge of the game that I needed to be successful on the field as a player... and the things now I pass on to my players... Do your homework! ”
Chevy - High School Soccer Coach
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“...focused on her skill set and helped her grow in so many areas and she was able to find that love for the game again.”
Felicia - Tori's Mom
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“... taught me you're never staying the same. You're either getting better or you're getting worse. So that means every touch you get on the ball you're getting better...”