Effort Alone… Especially when coaching soccer!

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Effort alone, especially when coaching soccer, might get you in trouble and you don’t even know it.

Effort alone is a bad bad thing.  But it’s especially bad when you’re talking about coaching soccer, or any sport for that matter.  Think about it for a minute.  You are responsible to take a bunch of kids and turn them into Winners.  Ahhh… yikes!!!

Effort alone won’t work!  It’s like having a shovel and saying that you’re gonna go dig up some gold.  You can put in all the effort you want and dig till you’re blue in the face, but it’s not going to get you the results you want without first having the knowledge of WHERE to dig.  It’s extremely important to add the knowledge that is required to succeed.  Take that shovel and some good knowledge – and yes! – you might get to gold.

Coaching is the same way.  It requires digging (haha! and by that I mean effort!)!  AND it requires knowledge.  You can yell all day till you’re blue in the face, and yep – you’ll probably just end up being blue in the face and without the result you want.  And you might just end up with whiners instead of winners.

Effort alone simply doesn’t work.  But add knowledge and skills to your effort and boom! – you’ll have success!

Take a little time to seek out the knowledge.  Study what other coaches are doing.  See what works for them and steal it.  Stealing ideas in coaching soccer is completely acceptable.  There is very little you will have to make up.  Take the time to find the best practices and put them to work for you.  

Remember you have a big responsibility with these kids!  Do your best!  It’s your job to turn them into winners!  They are relying on you.  Add  knowledge to your effort.


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