How to get more playing time in soccer

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As pre-season moves along and you get into tournaments, you might find that you’re not getting the playing time you want.  The big question becomes, how to get more playing time in soccer games?

Here are a few tips to help you get more playing time in soccer:

  1. For competitive games, please understand that most coaches will put the players in the game that they feel, in their opinion, will give them the best chance of winning.  Even the most selfish coach knows that by winning, he looks good.  So… what does that mean for playing time?  It’s simple really – you’ve got to be productive.  This means scoring goals or getting assists.  It is the fastest way to influence your coach’s opinion of you.  Score a goal a game and you will see more time on the field.
  2. Have the ball!  The more you touch the ball in the game, the better impression you leave the coach with.  This lasting impression is the you were constantly involved and making things happen.  Get the ball as often as possible.  To do this be aggressive to go get the ball.  Check out Soccer Homework’s course on How to Become More Aggressive in Soccer.
  3. Pay attention to your Ratio.  For this what I mean is make sure you know what your statistics are.  If you touch the ball 10 times, how many times were you successful?  10 touches, 7 successes – that’s pretty good.  But if you had 10 touches and only 2 success – then yikes, your success/failure ratio is bad.  Make sure that your stats can prove that you need to be on the field.
  4. Leadership.  Don’t hide!  Be a standout leader for the team.  Always encourage and get things going.  Coaches love a good leader.
  5. Heart and Hard work.  It will not go unnoticed!  Think Rudy… if you haven’t seen the movie you might want to.  Many good coaches will tell you that they will take a worker over a talented lazy player any day of the week.  Be a worker and give it your best effort.  Be able to say that you left it all on the field.

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