Off-Season Soccer is Coming to an End

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Off-Season soccer is coming to an end. Reading that sentence may feel a little funny and leave you asking, “What exactly is off-season soccer?”

After 18 years of playing and 18 years of coaching, let me say this: I absolutely agree with you! What on earth is off-season soccer?

Here’s my take on off-season soccer and my take is probably very different from many coaches (especially High School coaches who love to throw around the term “off-season”). Let me explain. My take for “off-season” is to “Take A Break.” Yep, instead of the traditional off-season workouts and practices that many high school athletes in the USA go through, I say just Take A Break. Get away from the game a little and here’s why.

Getting away from the game is like going on vacation. Sometimes the constant routine of practices and games wears on kids – both mentally and physically. Yes it even wears on the best players. No matter how much you think your kid loves soccer, giving them a break will actually help and probably make them love the game even more. And No I’m not talking about a 1 year break. I’m talking about a few weeks to let their body and mind recharge. Plus, coming back rusty is a great motivational tool for kids to start to discover that they actually have personal expectations! The inner fear, disappointment, and possible embarrassment is a great motivational factor that can get them off the couch and back to working hard.

So for me when I say off-season soccer is coming to an end that means that it’s time to be back at soccer. You should be all-in right now for pre-season training, tournaments, conditioning, studying, and getting ready for the season.

Yep, off-season is over and pre-season soccer is here! Each day you should be checking off the days on your pre-season soccer calendar.

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