Parent Role in Player Development

Parent Role in Player Development



Parents – You play the BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT role of all!


As the parent, you have the most important job of all.  You MUST be the adult in the room – which means being informed, educated, thoughtful, and loving in your approach to your child’s soccer.


Here are a few key factors to acknowledge about the Role of the Parent.  This role is crucial and must be taken seriously!  There will be times this is hard, and even more times when you will need to put emotion aside and control your attitude – sorry but it’s TRUE!



     Your kid is not you!  I put this one first for a reason.  Please know that your kid has not had the experiences you have had and does not have the knowledge that you currently have.  They have to learn it.  It looks easy to you.  It is most likely not easy to them.  Caution: Beware of living vicariously through your kids.  Yes, want the best for them.  And be there for them but just remember – they are not you!



     You must teach them to win.  You have to teach and reteach the winning process.  This means telling and Showing them what winning is.



     You are the chauffeur.  It is your job to get them there on time.


     You are the chef, butler, medic, crossing guard, shoe shiner, WALLET, and more…!  Ahhh!  Yes, you will have to wear many hats.  Kids, especially young kids, needs lots of attention at first.  You will need to do a lot for them.


     You set the expectations.  Make no mistake.  It is your kid!  You get to set the expectations and let them know what you want from them.  You should have very straight forward and honest conversations with them about their effort, work ethic, behavior, paying attention, ethical play, honesty, team work, etc… ALL OF IT!  You set the tone for what you want out of them.  It is your kid.


     You are the EXPERT on your kid.  Yes you!  Not the coach, not the ref, not the principal at school, not US Soccer – you  are!  Make NO mistake that you know your kid better than anyone else.  Use this expert knowledge of your kid to help those who wish to help your kid. Let them know the things that you see that are working and not working.  You will know the clues and signs.


     THERE ARE BAD COACHES!  Know  when to say enough is enough.  A bad experience can ruin your kid.  Be very very careful in how your kid is being taught.  Everyone – including your kid’s soccer coach – should be held accountable.  Ultimately you are responsible for the lessons your kid gets.  There will be times when it is appropriate to protect your child.


     Be the adult in the room… and on the sidelines.  It is said that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  One of my favorite things I’ve hear is the heard is a motivational speech where the speaker (can’t remember which one, sorry) says, “Stop yelling at your kids!  They are a mirror image of you!”


     Your education is important too!  The best place for your kid to learn how to become a Champion is from you.  Let the learning begin – our program is here to teach you also!  Be a Champion Role Model!



Parents – Learn How to Become a Champion Role Model



To become a great example for your kid you must be a Champion!


Imagine your kid seeing you everyday as a Champion – giving your best each and every day in your life.  From the moment you wake up to the moment you your head hits the pillow at night.  Imagine them seeing you win!


Winning isn’t that hard and it isn’t a big secret – but it is PROCESS – and it does take WORK!


We want each and every one of you parents to become a Champion for your kids!  We want them to see you being a Champion so the they know what it takes to become one themselves.  That is exactly what this program is about.



Scroll Down or Click on a colored button below to get started becoming a Champion Parent:











Have a PLAN – People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.


Before you ever begin you must start with an End Result in Mind – Set a goal to accomplish. Spend a little time to determine a few things:

1.  What you’ve accomplished in the past

2. Where you are now

3. Where you want to be at the end of the year


Use the technique of S.M.A.R.T. goal setting (google it). Build your plan starting with your Dreams and work you way down to your Daily goals.   Then make a HABIT out of working towards those goals.


When your daily goals become your habits, you will get the results you want.


There are 1440 minutes in every single day.  1% of that day is just over 14 minutes.


I challenge you to spend 1% of your day planning – plan your day so that it is great.  You life, and your family is worth it!



Ownership – you must be responsible for your actions.  If you model for them a lazy, sluggish, and whining attitude and demeanor – guess what – they will be the exact same as you.


You must take ownership over your actions and teach them, as a Champion Role Model,  that All dreams and goals are possible!


Sell to that it’s possible and help them understand if they are going to win that it is up to them to make it happen.  Model this for them with your actions.  Model this for them with you taking ownership of your Process to Success.


It is up to them to do the work necessary to succeed. Let them see this in you.


It won’t happen on accident. It won’t happen magically in the middle of the night. Hard work works! And they have to see you do the hard work. They have to be led and inspired to get out and take the extra time to go above and beyond.


Fill them with passion to train and become better. The desire to win is useless without the desire to prepare. They must own their preparation. The reward of the game goes to the one who has earned it most in preparing for the game.


Be a Champion Role Model by owning your actions.





This is a big one here!  But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!


Knowledge and Skills – Parents this is on you!


You MUST be able to speak intelligently about soccer.


In order for your player to succeed, you’re going to have to be able to teach and demonstrate the skills from time to time.  But don’t panic.  A lot of our Soccer Homework program is for you.  There is a lot of materials here and a lot of it is designed for you to read and digest so that you can speak to your kid about.


Here’s the strategy:

1.  You gain knowledge from Soccer Homework – by watching and READING the material, then passing it on to them!

2. They gain knowledge mainly by watching and repeating what they see or hear.  They can read some of it – but let’s be honest they really want to just see the pictures and videos.


It’s not what they know that will hurt them. It’s what they don’t know that will hold them back.


Your level of Success will seldom exceed you level of personal development, knowledge, skills, hard work, and perseverance.


Give the players the knowledge and skills so that they can win. You must set them up for success. If you don’t know soccer skills – learn it!


R&D = rip off and duplicate! Use this program with the skills video tutorials that show you how to do it, get the player workbooks and go through them with your kid, study the positions, and use one of our follow along Homework Training Programs.   Do what it takes so that you have the tool box necessary to do your job so they can do theirs.


Upgrade to Premium Membership to have Full Access to Soccer Homework for only $36 per year.




Time – Commit! Be dedicated and never quit. Stay on your path to success and be relentless in your pursuit of winning. Be unreasonable and determined.


Don’t be distracted by the setbacks or the opinions of others. Stay focused on your mission to be a Champion Role Model.


Remember that the only place that Reward comes before Work is in the dictionary. This will take some work!


Get focused on the work you have to do and put in the time – each and everyday. There are 1440 minutes everyday – find time and make it count. No shortcuts, no skipped workouts, no missed training… sell, sell, sell. Take the time, do the work!



“Every Result that you desire is preceded by a process that is required to produce that result. When you commit to that process and commit to it for an extended period of time the result takes care of itself.”