Preseason Soccer Tournaments

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It’s that time of year again for preseason soccer tournaments. It’s time to shake the dust off and get back to work. And that means it’s time to start in with some good preseason soccer tournaments.

Preseason soccer tournaments offer a couple wonderful opportunities for players.

Shock and Fear.

Preseason soccer tournaments get us back to practice. As players come back to training after time off, there is a good chance that they are rusty. Their touches aren’t as sharp. Their vision is a little narrower and they find themselves looking down more – meaning they can’t see the field as well. Both these things will slow the player down and make the game immensely harder. Bad touches, lack of vision, harder playing – these are all a recipe for fear! It can be shocking sometimes for a player to go out to practice after some time off and realize that you aren’t doing as well as they wanted to. This is awesome! This is exactly what is needed and why it is so important to give teams and players some time off. It reboots their motivation to get out and practice. The fear energizes players to push harder and break through the plateau that players sometimes get to at the end of each season.

A Fresh Start.

Ok so the fear of the first practices back got you off the couch and back into action. You’ve hit the park, backyard, or driveway and have pushed through to a new, higher level of playing and now is your chance in the preseason tournaments to up your game. Preseason soccer tournaments are a chance for you to assert yourself and hit a reset button. It is a chance for you to step out of your comfort zone and challenge the self imposed limits of your past. You can try and fail and learn and everything is ok because it is just a preseason tournament. This is THE time to stretch and grow. Ask to play a new position. Experiment with a new move. Practice your weak foot specifically for one game. Try different things that will help you so when you get to league games you can dominate.

Preseason soccer tournaments are a wonderful wake up call where you can go out and try to get better in an environment that should be set up strictly as a series of games to prepare for the league season ahead.

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