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Soccer Scholarship Applications in USA

It’s every parent’s dream… a college scholarship. And for soccer, especially girls soccer, it is a very real possibility. This awesome opportunity happens year after year. College coaches go out searching for their next class of players to bring in. And every year these same college coaches receive tons and tons of soccer scholarship applications.

Many college soccer programs have an application, a standard form for you to fill out with all your information. So what do you need to do with your college soccer application? Honestly, not much.

This application is a good place to start but that’s about it. It is an organizational tool for that coach to be able to categorize your information. Please know that you must be able to put good information in. But also know that the information is just a starting point.

What you do after the initial application is much more important. So, go online and fill out their standard form to give that coach what she/he needs including all up-to-date contact info. Make sure and include good contact info for your current coach. Just fill it out and turn it in! The real work starts after that…

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