Soccer Skills Video Tutorial Dribbling 1 Foot ZigZag

1 Foot ZigZag






Step 1 – Zig Zag the ball with the inside and outside of your right foot without any extra steps going out about 10 yards or so.

Step 2 – On the way back to your starting point, use the same zig zag with your left foot only

Step 3 – Repeat!





The 1 Foot Zig Zag might take a little getting used to at first.  But this move is huge for your soccer movement with the ball.  It teaches great control and for you to keep the ball within quick touch at all times.

If you notice, the ball must stay close, basically between your shoulder width.  This requirement is essential to building a dribbling habit of pushing the ball and moving with it instead of knocking the ball and chasing it.  There is a big difference here.

This move is massively important to your dribbling success.  That’s why it’s included in the Elite Dribble Mastery Dribbling Course!