Soccer Skills Video Tutorial Dribbling Combo Touchdance and 1 foot zigzag

Combo Touchdance and 1 Foot ZigZag





Step 1 – Zig Zag the ball with the inside and outside of your right foot without any extra steps going out about 10 yards or so.

Step 2 – Zig zag with your left foot only on the way back

Step 3 – Get 10 touches on top

Step 4 – Immediately sprint down to the cone and back





The combination workout is a great workout.  The workout introduces essential movements to begin to train your body to move like a soccer player.

Getting used to touching the ball and how it moves is a must for young players.   As you get older, doing this workout becomes less about learning and more about keeping up the habit.  This combination workout will help keep you sharp.

Work hard on all aspects of the movements – including the sprints.  After 5 minutes of this one you should begin to feel it in your legs a little.  It’s a great workout!