Soccer Skills Video Tutorial Dribbling Foundations






Step 1 – Play ball between your feet back and forth.

Step 2 – After about 10-20 touches, leave the ball and sprint out and back about 10 yards.

Step 3 – Repeat!





Foundations is a must do!  It is great practice to get a lot of touches on the ball and get used to how the ball feels at your feet.  This move is a must for younger age groups but is valuable as a lead in to some more dynamic moves like the Bell Move.

The video shows adding a sprint to after getting Foundation touches.  This is to help you be efficient in your training and sets the tone for your intensity as you work on this move.

Practice Foundations with varying speeds.  As you speed up, bend your knees a little and see how fast you can get your feet while still having good touches and control.  Fast Feet are good!

Work hard on this one – although it looks easy – you need it!