Soccer Training – Find your Why

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Soccer training is like anything else in life, you’ve gotta know your why…

SoccerHomework is all about you doing extra soccer training. Extra soccer training? Why would I do that?

Yes, exactly. Extra soccer training is all about you finding your “Why.”

It is easy to say “I want to get better” (because your coach or parents said so) and that will probably get you off the couch for a day or two. Which is great. But for the long run, that motivation will most likely subside and you’ll find yourself back in your old routine of little to no extra practices in the backyard. If you truly want to get better at soccer and create dramatic changes to your on field performances you must find the inner motivation of “why” that will not just get you off the couch today but that will transform your daily routine into habits of success everyday to come.

Finding your why is not easy. It’s not easy because it’s about you. Your why is not something that someone else can tell you. It is a vision in your own head that is given to you and to no one else. Your why is inside you and only you can discover it because only you have access to your mind. However, others can help you find it. There are plenty of questions to ask that can lead you to your why. The easiest one is this:

If you close your eyes and see your perfect soccer day, what does it look like? What does it smell like? What does it feel like?

There are more questions of course: What moves did you use on your perfect day? What was your touch like? What problems did you overcome? What did you prove – to others, to yourself? What was the weather like? What did people say to you? What did people watching say about you? Who did you prove wrong? How fast were you? Etc. Use the questions to solidify the details of your story.

Start today and try to find your Why. Imagine your perfect soccer and make it concrete in your mind. Play a soccer in your head with you as the star. And then go see the movie again and again and again. Buy tickets to your movie – it is the most important one in your life.

Then, go out and passionately train to make what you see in your head a reality and what they see on the field. Train everyday with your Why motivating you each step of the way.

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