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Ok all you soccer moms, it’s game time and here comes the weather. And as much as you want your kid to take responsibility for their “stuff” and being prepared for games, there are some things that you will need to lead the way on for both you and them.

Weather presents an interesting predicament for getting ready for soccer. Not only do you need to make sure your kid has their ball, shin guards, cleats, uniform, etc. – you’ve also gotta make sure they are ready for the weather.

Here are a few different weather scenarios that present different challenges:
1. Wind – wind stinks! And cold wind stinks even more. When it’s windy you will need to make sure and wear the right type of clothes. Wind can cut right through you and pull the warmth away from your body very quickly. This is warmth that you and your kid need to be able to survive the hours at soccer. Jeans and a t-shirt typically don’t work the best. Your best bet is a poly blend material that acts as a good wind breaker.
2. Rain – yuck! For rain, the best bet is shelter. If possible try to stay dry under a shelter. I would not recommend portable shelters or tents though because they often take a while to set up and can be bad if there’s wind or lightning that causes you to need to leave quickly. For your player, unless they’re in a stadium, shelter might not be an option. So the best for them is to just have a change of clothes ready and something to sit on in the car – cause they’re gonna get wet and probably muddy. And finally, shoes! Even if you hang out under a concession stand shelter or something nearby, you’re probably still going to have to deal with wet feet. Bring an extra pair of shoes.
3. Sun / Heat – Gonna keep this one real short – hydrate and find shade. A good tent or sports umbrella is a great option. And sunscreen!
4. Cold – layers! This goes for both you and your kid. Have a good thermal layer close to the skin that wicks moisture and a good outer layer that breaks the wind. Gloves and hats are also a great way to keep it bearable. They are very easy to stick in a jacket pocket and just leave them there. That way you have them when you need them. And for players this is really important – gloves, gloves, gloves! It is extremely frustrating as a coach to see a kid with cold hands pulling their hands inside long sleeves because they don’t have gloves. Gloves for players are a must and typically pretty cheap!

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