We believe that there are wonderful lifelong lessons that can be taught through sports.  Our goal is to provide tools that allow players to increase their levels of success on the field, which in turn increases their enjoyment and longevity within the game.  We want kids to be successful players so they can have fun and learn a lot along the way!



It is our mission to transform soccer players into champions, both on the field and off the field.








“Can you teach someone a skill and then motivate them to perform beyond that skill?  Yes, and Kyle O’Keefe has repeatedly done that. 

Our personal experience began when our club team broke apart at U13 and we began to look for players to start a new team.  Kyle was asked to coach and at U14 we were not ready to start over, but he convinced the players and parents that if we fully committed to his philosophy we would rise to the top.  Our first year was rough but every player improved!  After two years of following Kyle’s direction and approach, we were competing in Dallas Classic which is known as the premier league in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We stayed together and remained in Classic until the U19 season at which point Kyle sent multiple players on to the college ranks.  Our son did not play college soccer but instead chose to pursue a degree in Computer Science and credits Kyle for much of his success.  The lessons Andrew learned from Kyle on and off the field; leadership, sportsmanship, managing success and failure, helped to build a solid foundation for future success.”

–Mark Hulsizer



“You’re a bad a** coach who with no doubt has helped my daughters be the best they can be and it shows even today.  For me as a parent you have been the best coach they’ve had.  Pretty sure Brittney and Danielle feel the same.

As a parent who competed in sports at a professional level (NFL) and who now works with elite athletes you have been the best coach they’ve had and I trust.”