Winning at Soccer

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Winning at Soccer


You’ve been mislead! And you may also be misleading those you love…

Winning is not a result.

Winning is not a destination.

It is not something that happens to you.

Winning is a Process. Winning is a set of events that you Earn on a daily basis.

Yes, yes I know that what about if I win my soccer game on Saturday. Yep – you won. But your team record might be 1 win and 12 losses! And although you might have won that 1 game, you are not winning…

Winning happens Daily!

It is the grind of what you do each and every day… so you’d better be real aware of what your day looks like. It is the consistent work and training. It is following a system or a training program. You must purchase each win with work, sweat, and massive amounts of action.

Are you setting up a winning day, or is it just another average day of your routine?

Were you a Champion today – did you challenge yourself to be exceptional? Did you work the workout program? Training programs exist to help you earn your greatness! Were you great today?

Winning is a way of life! It is a lifestyle of constantly pushing yourself to be great, constantly working to go above and beyond.

Winning isn’t temporary – it’s ALL the days of your life. So ask yourself Today:

What did my TODAY look like?


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