Winning in Soccer

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Do you know how to win? Does your kid?  Winning in Soccer is easy, but elusive.

Winning consistently requires following a very specific process that allows you to win. You must set yourself up for success daily!

Too often – and in my case for far too many years – we believe that winning is something that happens to us. Like winning the lottery. Just buy a ticket and wait.

Well, unfortunately this does NOT work!

Not in sports – and not in life.

In order to win you must work. This is a logical thing for most of us but sometimes gets forgotten. And it might not be so logical for your kids if they are not told it and constantly reminded of it.

Take a minute tonight to explain to your kids that reward comes after work. That if you want something – there are specific steps you MUST take in order to get it. Winning will not be given to you.

Step 1: Set a plan
Step 2: Gain knowledge and skills required to win
Step 3: Work for it every day

This is a good starter for them to make sure they are not living with you when they’re 30 years old…. ??

Being great requires you to first try!

All the best,
coach Kyle

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