World Cup 2018 sets record for own goals and penalty kicks!

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World Cup 2018 sets record for own goals and penalty kicks, and an own goal pushes Belgium through to send Brazil home. More great news for kids! What? More good news?! Yep!

Calling ALL defenders!!!

Follow me here for a minute, it’s not gonna be hard to get there. Record number of own goals… defending? Record number of penalty kicks awarded… defending? Parents plant that seed and start watering – the world is in need of some great defenders!

Yeah, yeah I know it’s a fast game and blah blah blah… the Brazil own goal today off the corner kick was unlucky and happened so fast… Wrong, wrong, WRONG! The own goal happened for one simple reason – the Belgium player made a great run getting a ball side position and gets the first touch, slightly deflecting it and the rest is history. And so is Brazil, as they’ve now gotta catch their bus to the airport and miss their chance at glory. Nah, nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, hey… you know the rest.

Principles people! So here is it: Kids – I know you’re told to defend goal side, but not on corner kicks. The principle is very simple in your goal box – the other team cannot have the ball. On corners you must be ball side. You must be first to the ball!

Calling all defenders! Let the dream live. Start imagining the wonderful possibility now and get to work! Learn proper defending by studying and working hard. Seek out the info – learn and earn your way to being that hero defender – the world needs you!

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