You’re the Summer Teacher

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Summer is here – you need to be teaching.

With summer here and kids on a break from school, it’s your chance to spend a little extra time talking to them about the things that are important to you.

And it’s your chance to discuss some of the extra things that make a difference. Remember that within teams and a classroom, kids are taught to a middle average for the most part. They are rarely taught how to be exceptional – how to go that extra mile – the little things that make a difference.

Now’s your chance to make a big impact and show them how to find that little extra that will set them apart and make them a champion. It’s your chance to teach them success. Model it for them by doing it with them. They will cherish the time y’all spend together.

Big bonus – the Women’s World Cup is in full swing and on to the Round of 16. Great chance to sit down with them and watch some really good soccer!

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