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Our Mission

For Coach Kyle, soccer offers a wonderful opportunity to help kids to grow exponentially.  Sports offers some of the most valuable life lessons we can learn anywhere.

Coach Kyle’s mission is two fold:

1.   Provide access for players to learn expert knowledge and skills that are required to be successful.

2.  Guide and pass on all that we have found that works, and warn about the things that don’t so we can leave a legacy of learning to win from one generation to the next, for the love of the game.

Dream Big, and...

Dream BIG and get your shoes dirty!

We believe in doing.  We believe in winning.  We are here to help.

The Soccer Homework Team

Our Philosophy

Attitude is Everything!  So what does this mean and what does it have to do with this soccer program?  Simply put – training to become a champion is MORE than just a ball and running.  To become a champion you must learn to master a champion’s mindset.  You must learn to control your attitude.  You must study and go beyond average – you must train your brain!

Everyday, before  you even show up to train, you will have a choice to make.  Your attitude often determines your CHOICES and the ACTIONS that follow.  If your attitude is poor then there is a very good chance your training will be poor, that’s if you even make it out to the field.  Controlling your attitude will put you in control of your actions.

Coach Kyle’s philosophy is simple – learn to put on an attitude that allows you to MAKE CHOICES that lead to MASSIVE ACTIONS, which in turn lead to GREAT RESULTS – to you becoming the BEST YOU CAN BE – to becoming a CHAMPION!

This is an open challenge to all players to find the greatness inside them.   You must learn to go beyond what you currently see, what you currently believe you can accomplish, and begin to believe in great new possibilities!

All your dreams are possible.  Put on the attitude of a Champion everyday and chase your biggest dreams.  You can win in soccer and in every aspects of your life.  Everything is possible!

For years, Coach Kyle had parents and players approach him after practices and ask him what they could do outside of practice.  His answer was always, “Just go outside with your ball.”  Coach Kyle soon realized the shortcomings of this response.  Not many people knew what to do once outside with their ball.   Out of this grew the idea that greatness often happens  in the dark, before or after there’s sunlight when no one is looking.  It happens in backyards, driveways, and playgrounds. Greatness comes earned with sweat.  And it comes faster when pointed in the right direction and armed with expert advice.

“The level of your success will seldom exceed the level of your personal development, knowledge and skills, work rate, and effort.”

— borrowed and adapted by Coach Kyle, original credit Jim Rohn

One of Coach Kyle’s greatest memories and regrets was the lack of seeking out better skills and knowledge at a young age.  He now uses that memory to teach.   Establishing great habits of LEARNING and WORKING HARD as a kid create great opportunities.

At Olympic Development Program (ODP) Regional Camp when Coach Kyle was 16 years old he sat alone in front of a board of coaches for his player evaluation.  He sat there in a single chair in the middle of the room, nervously knowing that the US National Coach could grant him the easy way to success by saying these simple words, “We will see you at National Team training camp.”

However the story went differently.  Instead, the US National Team Coach looked at Kyle and simply said, “you need to improve your skills.”  This has never left Coach Kyle.

This need of greater skill is universal to ALL players.  It is Coach Kyle’s mission to help teach great soccer skills so that those who come after him as players can far exceed anything he ever accomplished.

Go practice, and put Coach Kyle at your fingertips –  put an expert on your team – 10,000 hours to pro!

As Coach Kyle loves to say – “Dream Big and get your shoes dirty!

Our Mission

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